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Trusts & Estates

We have a range of experience assisting clients in estate planning and administration matters.  We also counsel individuals and families in circumstances where disputes over estate issues escalate into litigation.

Our attorneys have significant experience drafting simple and complex documents to address our clients’ estate planning needs.  We frequently work with individuals and families to prepare simple wills, which are especially important for parents of young children to address guardianship issues.

We often counsel our clients on establishing the necessary authority to represent their interests in the event that they become disabled and draft corresponding documents such as a durable power of attorney or a health care advance directive.  

For more complex estates, we work with individuals to counsel them on an appropriate plan given their financial state and the current tax landscape. We have experience drafting a variety of types of trust documents depending upon our clients’ individual needs and interests.

The Lawrence Law Group, PLLC is also available to work with you after the death of a loved one to assist in the estate administration process.  Our attorneys can help walk you through the probate process, if needed, and advise you regarding any potential disputes that may arise regarding property division.  Furthermore, we have experience litigating issues in the local courts that may stem from the death of a loved one such as will contests and paternity disputes.

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